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What’s the Meaning of ‘Buga’ Slang Word

Buga is a yoruba word that means to “Show” or display one’s trouble, success or achievement. Life is full of so numerous ups and campo and it’s expedient that you celebrate yourself when you reach attain any stage of achievements.

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Nigeria Star vocalizers, Kizz Daniel and Tekno released the megahit song, Buga and since also, the word has been trending in the mouth of Nigerians and suckers across the globe.

Kizz Daniel Buga meaning

Kizz Daniel and Tekno use the lyrics of Buga to pass the communication that people who work diligently for their plutocrat should be proud to show the results of their hard work. The meaning of Buga by Kizz Daniel x Tekno teaches us to concentrate on appreciating our own sweats and hard work by taking care of ourselves.

Artists: Kizz DanielTekno
Album: Buga
Released: 2022.
Genre: Afrobeats.

Listen to “Buga” by Kizz Daniel featuring Tekno below.

Just like the popular word that says;‘All work no play makes jack a dull boy,’ You can now say‘All Work no tone appreciation/enjoyment, makes you a … ….?’

buga lyrics meaning
Kizz Daniel, Tekno

In fact, Kizz Daniel Buga lyrics meaning suggests that we pat ourselves on the back.

The lyrics meaning of Buga by Kizz Daniel and Tekno also brings into light the way we should not allow our labor to be underappreciated or exploited. According to Kizz Daniel Buga lyrics:

Kala Gba owo yen!

That’s how it’s supposed to be. Kizz Daniel and Tekno use the lyrics meaning of Buga to make people see how appreciating themselves is very important to our very lives and our functioning.

Other Meaning of Buga

In Mexico, more specifically in the center, “Buga” means “ a person who’s sexually attracted to people of the contrary coitus”, that is, heterosexual. “It’s generally used in the shoptalk of people of homosexual exposure, still, in the “gay”, is frequently used by people of different sexual exposures.

Its origin seems uncertain, there are two stories that justify the actuality of this meaning for this word

Although the origin is uncertain, the word “Buga” has a depreciatory touch to relate to the “Heterosexual” people. This description is taken from the gay dictionary Buga Straight. It’s generally applied to people as well as places.

“Moment it’s time to go to an antro buga” is the way of saying that tonight it’s time to go to a hetero club.


The foremost thing about Buga Lyrics meaning  by Kizz Daniel and Tekno is the height of its relatablity. As humans, we beat ourselves up even after working hard for so long.

This is why they said:

Let me see you

(go low low low)

Let me see you

(go low low low)

Buga won, lemme buga wọn

Lemme see you dey buga

buga meaning


Kizz Daniel and Tekno deliver Buga with such effortless vibe. Buga is a “feel-good” song and it had to be delivered in a feel good way. Kizz Daniel and Tekno understood the assignment and delivered on Buga song.

This is noteworthy of them. Even Tekno comes through with so amazing lyrics that are synonymous with that of Kizz Daniel.

kizz daniel buga
Kizz Daniel

The delivery of Kizz Daniel and Tekno on Buga highly helps the song and its overall listen.


Lyricism: 1.4/2

Delivery: 1.6/2

Relatability: 1.8/2

Mixing and Production: 1.3/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

☆Total: 7.8/10