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We’ll Mobilise 0ne Million Votes For Obi – Pastor Azzaman Promise

The leading pastor of The King Worship Chapel and Ministry, inc. Kaduna, Pastor David Ayuba Azzaman has called on Nigerians to shun the political parties that adopted muslim-muslim ticket, while promising to mobilise one million votes for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

He made this known in a briefing on Tuesday.

He stated that any political party that adopted the Muslim-Muslim ticket should be rejected, adding that both Christians and Muslims should come together to vote for candidates that will foster unity.

Azzaman, Obi and Datti

When asked about his take on the comment by the Governor of Kaduna state, Azzaman Said, Nasir El-Rufai in 2017, insinuating that the percentage of Christians/Muslims in Kaduna is 70/30, he said, ” The assertion of 70/30 is a lie. It’s part of the islamization agenda.

Where did he get his statistics from? Who did the census? Let me make this correction, Southern Kaduna isn’t just the Kaduna South senatorial zone, it starts from Jaji. Let’s even give them Kaduna North.

Azzaman said, Let’s start Kaduna South Local Government, that’s Southern Kaduna. Before the creation of Nigeria, it was known as Southern Kaduna protectorate. Senatorial zoning was introduced by Abacha. Kaduna isn’t just the eight Local Governments that we know.

The region constitues of 13 Local Governments. Some are in the North, like Lere, Kauru and Kaduna South Local Government. If we calculate the people of Southern Kaduna using the 2006 census, you’ll realise that we are about 3.1 million.

I know that there are Muslims amongst us, but even in the North, we have Hausa Christians. We shouldn’t rule that out.

So the 70-30 assertion isn’t factual. Somebody asked me a question, he said, if we are not more than you, why did we produce the Governor? I said to him, tell me any place that they use election to determine population, because even Christians voted for the governor.

So my advice for the people of Southern Kaduna is for them to come out en masse and get their PVCs, then we’ll sit and decide the direction we’ll head to.”

When asked about the direction Christians should take towards the Muslim-Muslim ticket at the national level, he said Azzaman, ” Our God is a fair God. Our God created both Christians and Muslims. Jesus died both for us and the Muslims. But there is an agenda.

There is a conspiracy. And conspiracies are done mostly by few persons. Even in the Bible, it was fourty people that conspired against Paul. So this agenda is the work of a few clique.

Though it’s an old agenda. It’s a one thousand years agenda, which came to Nigeria in 1804, executed by Usman Dan Fodio. It was halted by the British for a while. And when the British gave us power, it continued.

And who are the proponents of this agenda? The fulanis. The Fulanis originated from Mauritania. And they said we are going to follow this river until we conquer everybody.

That is River Niger. They are currently in Nigeria. They want to put their flag at the Atlantic ocean.

And how do they execute their agenda? Through religion and Power. The Hausas are not part of the agenda.

There is no tribe as Hausa-Fulani. It’s either Hausa or Fulani.

It’s a Fulani agenda that the Hausa man doesn’t even know, but they use religion.

In March, the world Islamic Council sent a message to all Islamic umma in Nigeria, telling them to make sure that all political parties are dominated by Muslims, so that the Christians have no option than to vote the major Political Parties.

By so doing, any Muslim that comes up will continue with the legacy of Buhari. He is the 16 most influential Muslim in the world.

The next president must continue from where he stopped. Tinubu wasn’t even their Candidate. But God started using Tinubu to deal with them.

Three Christians were nominated to serve as his running mates, but they were rejected because they didn’t want Christians. There is obviously an agenda. We need to wake up and do the needful.

Though there are Muslims who do not like the Muslim-Muslim agenda, because in every religion, there are good people. Let them join us in voting Peter Obi.

I’ll make sure that i mobilize my pastor friends for us to give Obi one million votes in Kaduna.

If Ashiru Kudan got over 800, 000 votes mainly from Christians in 2019, then we’ll give Peter Obi one million votes. This is not even about religion.

Thank God his running mate is a Northern Muslim. Let the Muslims join us in voting Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed.

A reasonable muslim said those who are supporting the Muslim-Muslim ticket aren’t rational, because if it was a Christian-Christian ticket, they would have been against it.

So let Christians and reasonable Muslims come together and vote Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed in order to set Nigeria on the path of prosperity.

A new Nigeria is coming, when our Naira will be equal to a dollar and we will be leading exporters and the land will prosper.”


Azzaman has branches of his church in the USA and other parts of Nigeria, said that God is going to bring resources to Nigeria to play a leading role in world affairs.