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Top 10 Websites and Bloggers in Nigeria 2022 Latest

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Top 10 Bloggers in Nigeria 2022 – Have you been wondering what the term “blogging” means? This article will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the topic, as well as the top blogs in Nigeria and their bloggers.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is simply defined as an online diary or journal on a website.

The content of a blog usually includes text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs, and even scans from old physical offline diaries or journals and other hard copy documents.

Since a blog can exist simply for personal use, sharing information with an exclusive group or to engage the public, a blog owner can establish their blog for private or public access.

Who is a Blogger?

The term, “blogger,” is a noun derived from the word, “blog”. A blog is an online journal or website with frequently published cpontent.

The published content on a blog is prepared in reverse chronological order so that the most recent posts appear first and the older ones are further down.

A person who owns or manages a blog spot is called a blogger.

Blogging is becoming rampant these days, and it’s a way to publish your writing, share your ideas, connect with people and absorb new things along the way.

Advantages and Benefit of Blogging

With the knowledge of Blogging, you will perform more than enough things like;

1. Manage your online identity and build trust

2. Learn new things

3. Improve your writing skills

4. Become proficient in a new language

5. To Get technical knowledge

6. Connect with new people

7. Get proclaimed an expert

8. Get invited to speak

9. Become an author

10. Receive job offers

Top 10 Bloggers in Nigeria

1. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is the first face of blogging in Nigeria. When an average Nigerian hears “blogger” Linda Ikeji comes to his/her mind.

The entertainment blogger has constructed a blog so big that it has become the number one online source for corporate advertisers in Nigeria.

Her Countless number of special stories has made the former model the most authoritative blogger in Nigeria.Blogger

Linda Ikeji hasu pgraded from a blogger who covers celebrity stories to a celebrity blogger.


2. Oluwafemi Elijah Ayomide 

Oluwafemi Elijah Ayomide is the reason behind Mytrendcaster.com. The Agriculturiist turned blogger has formed a very educational Nigerian Entertainment site where you can find the most basic Entertainment online.

Oluwafemi Elijah is well appreciated among his fellow bloggers in Nigeria, and this creates a lot of speaking gigs for the brilliant entertainer.

3. Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe is the organizer of 360nobs.com, entertainment, and lifestyle website.

Noble Igwe previously said; where others see “showbiz,” I see “showBIZ”.

Most successful bloggers move on to bigger things once they get their breakthrough, Noble Igwe has enlarged the 360 groups and one of its new ventures is 360Delivery.

4. Uche Eze

Uche Eze started BellaNaija in July 2006.

In Uche Eze’s words, what killed boredom has now grown to become Nigeria’s number one lifestyle blog.

Uche Eze has since introduced on Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, and other reputable platforms around the world.

Every Top Blog in Nigeria appears to peak but thanks to the brilliance of Uche Eze, Bella Naija always has a fresh car smell.

5. Ovie

The Notjustok.com music tag could be heard almost everywhere in Nigerian music is played, even on radio stations “shame on you, Mr. DJ”.

Ovie is Nigeria’s first music blogger, thanks to his efforts. NotJustOk has grown into a brand name in Nigeria as almost ever Nigerian youth knows it.

6. Japheth Omojuwa

Japheth Joshua Omojuwa is a blogger, social media activist, and a political critic.

He started his blog back in the year 2009, and it has since become a home for valuable socio-economic and political expressions.

Japheth Omojuwa’s opinions are highly valued across the world.

7. Chude Jideonwo

A lawyer by profession, Chude Jideonwo co-founded y!Naija (a Nigerian youth culture podium) in August 2010.

Chude Jideonwo is also the director and originator of  RedSTRAT which has three arms; RedSTRAT Original Content, RedSTRAT Communications, and lastly the Future Project (The organizers of the prestigious Future Awards).

Chude Jideonwo remains one of the top best bloggers in Nigeria

8. Loy Okieze

Loy Okieze is a very effective Nigerian Tech blogger.

When many bloggers in Nigeria were carried away with the entertainment niche, Loy Okieze chose Tech and his blog Techloy.com has become the number one source of information on the happenings in the Nigerian IT world.

9. Onibalusi Bamidele

Onibalusi Bamidele began his blog back in April 2010 (YoungPrePro.com). It was re-branded as WritersinCharge.com in March 2013.

Bamidele Onibalusi has written for many top blogs in the world, and he is an inspiration to writers all over the country and beyond.

They included his works in Forbes, Digital Journal, Millionaire Magazine, amongst a few.

In his words, Bamidele Onibalusi aids writers take charge, and he runs one of the top blogs in Nigeria.

10. Makinde Azeez

Makinde Azeez is the originator of Naijaloaded.

Naijaloaded was formerly a forum, but a couple of bad experiences with hackers led to the decision to convert the forum which had accumulated over one million users in such a short period into a blog.

Naijaloaded launched in 2009, and it has developed to become one of the top websites in Nigeria.

Makinde Azeez might not be as familiar as some of his contemporaries but building a successful internet business is no mean feat.

With over 500,000 users on Naijaloaded, Makinde Azeez is one of the top best bloggers in Nigeria.

FAQs on Bloggers in Nigeria

Below are the frequently asked questions on Bloggers in Nigeria

1. What’s Linda Ikeji’s net worth?

Linda Ikeji is currently one of the richest and the most influential bloggers in Nigeria and in Africa, with an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.

2. How does Linda ikeji make money?

Her blog posts feature the latest society gossip, celebrity talk and details of her personal life. Our estimates reveal her blog’s income stacks up to $65,000 every month.

3. When was Linda Ikeji blog founded?


4. Where’s Linda Ikeji from?

Nkwere in Imo state

5. How much does Nigerian bloggers earn?

To clear the air on this issue, ‘successful’ Nigerian bloggers ought to earn around ₦400,000 ($1,000) – ₦800,000 ($2,000) on an average.

6. Who is the richest blogger in Nigeria?

Linda Ikeji

7. Is Laura ikeji related to Linda Ikeji?

Yes, she is.

8. Does Linda Ikeji has a child?

She has a son

9. Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website

10. Is blogging a waste of time?

 Blogging definitely isn’t dead and you can still make money from it in 2022

I hope the above list has been a good source of reference to you. Do well to drop your comment on the comment box.

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