Home Music Talented Singer BlackbirdXan has a new record “Baby” Listen

Talented Singer BlackbirdXan has a new record “Baby” Listen


BlackbirdXan - Baby

Blackbirdxan (Baby) will soon be the most replayed song on your playlist, BlackbirdXan paints an image highlighting the love, vibe and emotions towards her Baby.
The song is contextually layered, catchy and singable mid-tempo vibe while running deep in conscious meaning.
“We already knew the song was going to be a dope one from the start without putting in too much thought. “she confirms” It’s a love song, and the generation we’re in now rather bottle up how they feel about a person than let it out. This song is like , you’ve got to let it out if you want me, Cause I de for you like you de for me.
Baby was written by BlackbirdXan and special Thanks to ThankGod Emeka and Emmanuel Emeka. Song was Produced By OnlyoneZax.
Baby is available on all preferred digital music platforms worldwide and you can follow BlackbirdXan growing communities across her social media.
Twitter :@blackbirdxan