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Read Fast Rising Artiste SASKY MALI Interview On Mytrendcaster Media

Talented  afrobeats  and Hip-Hop artiste, SASKY MALI  has been on top of his game recently has he has been touring all around Nigeria with his Hit Song LEOTHEEP

Download his hit song “LEOTHEEP 

Read his Interview

1. What first got you into music: Music has always been a part of my growth process. I
used to destroy audio tapes with my walkman recording options, along with my elder
brother back then. In high school music was the peace of everything I ever did, from
variety nights to joining the school Choir at some point, to playing the harmonica etc. I
took a little break from music in University and I realized how important it was to me in
my 400 level, so I decided to make music work before my final year and determined to
do music no matter the professional career journey I might take as a tech enthusiasts
and practitioner.

2. Who inspired you to make music: My inspiration from music came from my manager,
my team from 2014/2014 as well as my high school mates that we used to create and
perform together. The journey between these phases of life was really crucial to
everything that followed after. Then I got into the streets with my manager Dolleypizzle, where I found my music family “Lion Movement” as well as defining a real purpose for
the music, which is to liberate the minds of the youths in the streets and in terrible situations, because I saw the real life for what it was, out of all the fanciness of the internet and high class areas. People need even the tiny drop of hope to survive the next day, this became my ultimate purpose of making music.

3. How would you describe the music that you typically make: I make music that stems
around self motivation. I’ve been super privileged to have seen and tasted a bit of the
extreme sides of the society. The Average-High class as well as the Average-Low class, and this influences my thought process when I create music. I channel my experiences into each sounds and ensure to shine some light in the minds of those that are at the verge of giving up their grind in one aspect of life or the other, while also letting them
know that in the end, GodIsThePlug and has the final say.

4. What is your creative process like: My creative process as an artiste is quite unique. I do not draw a line on what part of the music I do before what part. First and foremost I channel my mind towards motivational lyrics, then I like to come up with a hook, once I have the beat. I find it smoother to have the beat set first, either I make it or I purchase
one, I need to melodies to flow so that I can be in tune with the song because it is easy for my lyrics to go over the place and it tends to disrupt my creative flow when I have too much lyrics before the beat and find out that I can’t place then in line appropriately.
So I like the melodies first before composing my lyrics then recording.

5. Who would you like to collaborate with: I would certainly love to collaborate with Burna Boy on a Ghetto motivational track, and Black Sheriff actually just got on my radar’s he
has that black man pain in his voice. There is a list but yeah Burna boy is top of the list.

6. If you could open a show for any artiste who would it be?: Definitely Burna boy.

7. What is one message you would give to your fans: I strongly believe I don’thave fans. I believe I have listeners. Not people that wish to adore me or my craft cos that’s not what I do the music for, but people that pay attention to the sound and can use the motivational energy from my music to keep going. So the word to my listeners is this,
where my music is today is a product of dedication because I never had the support financially that I would have loved to, in order to take my career to the next level, but grinding with everything life has brought my way, by the grace of God has helped me fulfil my dream day by day. So keep your heads up and don’t lose faith in yourself.

8. What is the most useless talent you have: Haha this is a good one, well I have a very limited attention span so I barely learn skills I’ll never use or that are useless to me.

9. Do you sing in the shower? What songs?: Well I sing in the shower often and it’s usually either a song I just tapped into or a song I was just working on, be it mine or a song I’m engineering. Melodies just tend to stick to my Brain.

10. What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?: Maybe a pastor
lol. I mean a lot of things could have gone wrong at so many points in my life if I didn’t have music to always tap into and neglect the outside world, but yeah I might just have devoted all my eggs to tech and coding.

11. Where have you performed?: Country wise only Nigeria and Canada so far. Still looking to really come out here in Canada.

12. What are your favourite and least favourite venues?: One of my best performances was at a coca-cola beach show in Lagos. It was a blast, the energy from my team on stage was massive and I was supporting Moosey Lion on his set that day. My least favourite performance, I don’t really know cos I appreciate every opportunity I get to hold the mic but any venue without proper sound system and organization turns me off.

13. Do you have any upcoming shows at the moment?: None right now but I am definitely looking up to the Spring and Summertime to bag some performances.

14. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?: The internet has becoming a very important tool in the music. We can over estimate this fact. Ranging from promotions, marketing, social media, internet collaboration especially during the pandemic, online events etc. The internet has become a key tool for music today.

There are loads of resources for upcoming artistes and producers to tap into and up their skills. I believe the internet brought about the rise of independent artistes because with the internet you can make any fan anywhere without the need for a record label etc.

15. What is your favourite song to perform?: I love performing “Way Too Long” personally because that track is a highlight and the point when that track came to life, it spoke a lot to my soul.

16. Which famous musicians do you admire?: Music wise, Burna boy lol, but life style wise, I would say someone like NAV, Wretch 32, Ghetts.

17. What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?: haha I’ve been held back in an event venue for not paying up the entire dues to host an event at the venue lool.

18. What is the bets advice you’ve been given?: Trusting God through life’s ups and downs and committing everything I can’t control to Him.

19. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?: I would certainly change the cabal nature of the industry that does not cater for any and every talent, but what is good only on TV in most cases.

20. What’s next for you?: Right now I am enjoying making music. By God’s grace I’ve invested time and resource into my music and Audio  engineering skills and it’s finally paying off. My sounds is getting crispier than ever and the vibes have been flowing so I’m just going to keep creating and focusing on achieving various feats that will eventually allow me to be capable of impacting younger talented minds out there in the trenches.