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FULL EP: xPATTOx – Got Stvck

Nigerian Rapper, xPATTOx drops another eminent project (EP) titled ‘Got Stvck’ where he samples the likes of Bob Marley, Kodak Black, Davido & Young Thug together with his originality.
The EP arrived on the 4th of February, 2022 with 5 Blazing tracks:
Track 1 (No Pain) talks about his sobriety journey and how he discovered that didn’t need vices to get inspired. It also talks about how music helped him through the phase.
Track 2 (Both Ways) talks about how there are multiple ways in almost every situation. It talks about how a relationship should be treated as tangible security and both parties should feed mutually from each other.
Track 3 (Heaven’s Mobile (No.) – xPATTOx lost a person close to him in 2021. The song acts as a tribute to her and also talks about how he’s sure she is in a better place. (In Memoriam 2021).
Track 4 (Remark) acts as the remark for the project where he scored the project through a song and acknowledged the fact that a lot of passion was put in the project.
Track 5 (Epilogue(Trich)) talks about how certain people did not think he would make it this far and also hyped his co-artist and producer (AlienBeats) for all he has done for xPATTOx’s career.
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