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Blood Sisters 2022 (Nollywood) Movie Video



Blood Sisters 2022, tells the story of two friends Sarah (Ini Dima-Okojie) and Kemi (Nancy Isime). Sarah is engaged to her dream man, Kola (Deyemi Okanlawon.) However, their seemingly idyllic union has a dark side.

Blood sisters 2022
Nancy Isime as Kemi
Ramsey Nouah as Uncle B
Kate Henshaw as Uduak Ademola
Uche Jombo as Uchenna
Gabriel Afolayan as Femi Ademola


Ini Dima-Okojie as Sarah

Plot Summary

Blood sisters 2022, The four-part web series, ‘Blood Sisters’, revolves around the lives of two best friends, Sarah and Kemi, who become fugitives after Sarah’s fiance, Kola, disappears mysteriously right before their wedding.

During their engagement, it is evident that there is an undefined uneasiness between Sarah and Kola.

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Sarah is all dolled up for her special day with the help of her best friend Kemi, but once Kola notices her after his business meeting, he questions why she did not wear what he told her to.

Sarah explains how she is comfortable with what she is wearing, yet Kola reiterates that she must go and change at once. Kemi observes all this and tries to talk to Sarah about his behavior but she refuses to listen.

In the Blood Sisters, Sarah’s ex-lover, Kenny, shows up at the wedding unannounced, begging her to not marry Kola and be with him instead. This event further worsens the situation for everyone present there.

Kola is infuriated by this while Sarah tries to resolve the situation. The security gets rid of Kenny forcefully.

It is then revealed how Kola is riled up by this turn of events and calls Sarah to meet privately.

He interrogates her and hits her in a fit of rage. Sarah, in pain, tries to crawl away from him as he establishes his dominance in her life.

At dinner, Sarah has to pretend as if nothing happened. Kola’s sister, Timeyin, shows up fresh from rehab abroad.

Kemi notices Sarah in distress and gets curious as to what happened to her.

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Later, Sarah talks to her mother about canceling the wedding while her mother tells her she cannot do that over a slap. Sarah, unable to process the lack of her mother’s support, gives in.

While fighting off the Blade, Kola had confiscated his gun off him. He keeps the gun with him for the rest of the day.

On their wedding day, Sarah calls Kola to meet in private to reveal that she cannot be with him.

This enrages Kola to the point where he comes at her to strangle her. While Sarah is on the verge of losing consciousness, Kemi intervenes and tries to stop Kola.

Kola, more enraged at this point, tries to kill both Kemi and Sarah while his gun falls off of him. Kemi notices this and, panic-stricken shoots Kola.

Both Kemi and Sarah realize what has happened and, given Kola’s family background, they know nobody would believe that it was self-defense.